Yoga at our holistic retreat


at our Holistic Retreat

Our holistic retreat consists of sessions of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Creative Meditation for re-building strength, re-balancing and harmonizing the whole energetic “bodymind” being, detoxing from stress, relaxing, rejuvenating and re-kindling your inner creative power in a time of personal change. Breathing, Yoga poses and creative meditation with watercolor will allow us to reconnect in a relaxed and flowing way with our conscious and mindful potential.


If discipline, actions, emotions, willpower and motivation become an act of grace and inner peace…then we can rise out of our distracted and agitated state towards a freer and more vital, creative, dynamic and multidimensional space… just as the flowering Lotus emerges from the mud.
Yoga and watercolor meditation is available for all levels and ages. Both the Yoga and Meditation will be adapted to suit YOUR needs.