Watercolour Meditation September



You think painting is not for you? You might be surprised, maybe you realize you start to love it!
For me it is comparable if  people tell me they can’t dance… I ask them:  “Do you like music, can you walk? Well, than you can dance!”
In Watercolour Meditation it would mean, can you put some watercolor on a wet sheet of paper and watch what happens…
In both cases it means to RELAX, you don’t have to be a Michel Angelo to enjoy it- it’s all about exploring and letting go of things we might have experienced in our past life.

If you are already love to paint, Tiziana will give you many inspirations…

We explore 4 techniques on watercolour  and later apply the gesture on the inner work, related to chakras and the meaning of colour, emotional and vibrational, the healing process of this expression.

The approach to an integrated yogic meditative use of colour can stimulate new strategies for change through the discovery of new resources, linked to the emotional deep complexity of our self.
A guided journey will start with the knowledge of some simply, easy and practical tools for the use of the watercolor and its practical realization and will lead to a fully inspired artistic  expression: water and colour meet restoring a balance between polarities and tensions,  promoting the united psychophysical wholeness, a sense of  release and renovated equilibrium .

Every step of the way will be source of openness  and clarity,  related to the comprehension of the Chakras, energetic vibrational colored stations of being,  flowing in the continuum, thorough the emotional interior navigation.

The “job” will be to let go and flow with better allignment, with the inner strenght of self healing, washing and brushing the emotional contents thorough a unique flowing gesture, with a gently, soothingly breathed creation, letting emerge an unrepeatable You and bringing it to the light.