Tango at our Holistic Retreat


at our Holistic Retreat

Tango argentino is a constant flow of communication and connection between two people.

We transform the idea of leading and following into the feeling of two independent dancers having a beautiful exchange.
To achieve this, we develop a precise technique, work on being grounded while remaining light in our movements, explore musicality and build confidence  through  learning to trust in ourselves and our partners.

By sending energy from our centre to our relaxed arms, hands, legs and feet, we can create elegant and beautiful movements. We will become aware of spirals and lines in our body.
Instead of working on “tango-steps”, we will discover our natural body-logic and how all movement emerges from basic principles. We will connect with our partner in different forms of embrace and find a flow to our dance, using all of these elements.

I have organised special Ladies’ Tango Events for many years, and this beautiful book is of the Berlin Ladiesweek in 2010:

 A relaxed and upright posture awakens body awareness and gives us confidence. Connecting closely with our dance partner, whilst at the same time remaining independent,  we open the door to a deeper level of trust and communication.
Private lessons



Tiziana , Guggi and Ines are as well available for private lessons, we can arrange that after arrival.